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BattleOps APK v1.4.9 MOD (Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemy)

BattleOps APK v1.4.9  MOD (Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemy)
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Join the game BattleOps and experience the feeling of a soldier in the war. You can download the APK and OBB files of this game via the links below the article.


BattleOps is an FPS shooting game released by Techouse Games. It is built on the theme of war, although this is not new anymore, the developers always promise that their product will bring an enjoyable experience. They are also trying to add new features to the game.

The Plot

BattleOps takes place in the future when the world is heavily damaged by war. Apparently, the rules were no longer followed. The military forces are trying to revolt, with the aim of ruling the world.

However, there is one force still active for the government. They were tasked with fighting and regaining peace in the European region.

Players are mercenaries, members of the special force. After performing a dangerous mission, he was seriously injured. He returned to BattleOps to continue with his mission.


As a soldier, you are tasked with retaking each of the military zones and important bases that are occupied by the enemy. They are everywhere in the city, so you will fight through each of these areas.

The story mode is the main game mode in BattleOps. You are awakened from a coma, then tasked with raiding the enemy base to find weapons and destroy all enemies. And as soon as you complete some of the assigned goals, you will be taken to a new area with new ones attached.

The controls of the game are designed quite a in detail. You can perform most of the action during battle such as reloading, running, jumping over obstacles, sitting or walking, bombing, using scopes, … Besides, BattleOps also supports the auto shot feature. This will help you attack the enemy more quickly each time you point the viewfinder at him. You can also turn off this feature if you want to aim and shot by your hand.

This factor keeps the player in BattleOps longer. The developer has even added a number of new maps in campaign mode and multiplayer mode. As a result, players can set up more tactics with their teammates. Meanwhile, the context of the plot mode is constantly changing. Every chapter, every stage of the battle, you are taken to a new location.

Many modes to play

I mentioned earlier, BattleOps has three game modes, including story mode, campaign mode, and multiplayer mode. Of course, they all offline. You don’t need an internet connection to experience, but your teammates are the AI, so it will be difficult to communicate and support each other during battles.

Overall, BattleOps is designed with a variety of gameplay. With three modes, you can experience FPS shooting in many aspects, many new campaigns and content.


Besides being proficient in weapons, you need better guns to destroy opponents quickly. The arsenal of BattleOps is the place to satisfy your passion. There are dozens of types of guns with strong looks and firepower.

I quite like rifles and some shotguns. They are powerful, even able to kill enemies with a single shot. But in return, their recoil is quite high. You need good control to use them.

However, if you are a newbie, you should try out automatic and semi-automatic machine guns. Their recoil is not too high, so it helps you shoot enemies more accurately. M4-16 A, AUG, G36 or Micro Uzi are the guns you should choose.

In addition, you can upgrade the weapon system to increase speed and damage. This process consumes raw materials and cash. You can collect them during missions in the game.


Some bugs are fixed
BattleOps APK v1.4.9  MOD (Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemy)
Download BattleOps APK v1.4.9 MOD (Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemy) 

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