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Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense APK v1.2.4 MOD (Unlimited Gold, Soul Stone)

Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense APK v1.2.4  MOD (Unlimited Gold, Soul Stone)
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A clicker-type RPG that fights at a party that organizes and strengthens characters! Eliminate the monster army and protect the base!

Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense is a clicker-type RPG that fights by making full use of party auto shots and shots by tapping repeatedly. Let’s organize and train a party of 5 people and build each shot. The feature is that it is easy to make your favorite build because the shot enhancement is a method of acquiring by choosing from three like the archer system. Protect your base by making full use of the skills of each character and shots by tapping the screen!


Since each enhancement is for each slot, it will be inherited even if the character is changed. Each of the five organized characters attacks the enemy with an auto shot. By raising the level of the character with the acquired funds, the attack power will increase and you can strengthen the shot at a certain level.

Regarding shot enhancement, an archer method in which one is selected from three randomly selected power-ups. If you tap the battle screen, you can shoot shots from there, so let’s match the shots of the characters and damage the enemy. In addition, defeat the enemy by making full use of the skills for each character that can be used in cool time and the shots that can be fired continuously by tapping the screen.

There are 5 shields in the base at the bottom of the screen, and if you break through all of them and destroy the base, you will be returned to the stage. Defeat the enemy so that you can’t do it.


By reincarnating, it becomes possible to strengthen other than level up. When you progress to a certain stage, you will be able to “reincarnate”, and you will be able to acquire experience value items according to the stage you have advanced. In addition to leveling up with funds during the battle, characters can strengthen their basic stats using experience value items. You can also release new characters with funds, and you can fight in your favorite formation.


There are some flashy attack skills, but you can also use buff skills quite a bit. Each character’s skill is unique, and there are not only attack types but also buff types, and depending on the organization, you can make a fairly powerful combo. Since the cool time also varies from person to person, it is possible to stabilize the firepower by combining them well. Consider organizing your own party skills


You can still enjoy this kind of build. As mentioned above, character shots are an archer-type enhancement system, so you can choose and acquire them as you like. You can also specialize in the diffusion system, specialize in the rapid-fire system, and strengthen it by looking at the balance of the entire party. Since it is a random selection, it often involves some luck, but it is wonderful to be able to strengthen it with your own strategy to some extent.


The reward for the quest is really delicious. Of course, the main is a stage capture that defends the base, but there are other elements that can be played such as quests and dungeons. In particular, there is a system for undertaking quests based on the attributes of the characters, and it is interesting to be able to release various characters and receive orders for many quests at once.


  • The basics are simple, fighting with auto shots and skills.
  • Furthermore, you can shoot a shot at any time by tapping the screen.
  • Meet the conditions and order the quest.
  • Let’s power up with rewards.
  • Shots can be strengthened by leveling up above a certain level.
  • Think strategically about what kind of shot you want to make.
  • You can also strengthen your character’s basic stats by using reincarnation.
  • Go as far as you can and get lots of experience items.
  • Organize and strengthen your own party.
  • I’m going to capture the stage I haven’t seen yet!
Ver 1.2.5
bug fix
- Fixed a bug where enemy kill gold and enemy health reduction relics were not applied properly

- Enemy kill gold relics now increase all earn gold.
- Greatly reduced power-up knockback chance. (The push can be replaced with another one in the future.)
- Optimization in progress (It will take some time for the optimization to proceed properly. Please understand that it is progressing slowly, but bugs may be added during the process.)
Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense APK v1.2.4  MOD (Unlimited Gold, Soul Stone)
Download Nonstop Fantasy Idle Defense APK v1.2.4 MOD (Unlimited Gold, Soul Stone) 

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